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All balexa brands or products Including: ASAL24, Mr'ASAL, Mamella, CaféBal, ladybal, Honey's Secret, firstbal, ASAL'CHI, Re'HONEY, Leader'n, President'er, Sky Million, balon'd, Pliel, Play Calm, honey'chi, honey month, HONEY OF HONEY, honey-class, honey-nights, honey-prize, Honey Daddies, Pre'secret, Pre'lady, honey'en, Wow Honey, Suxur, Sugary Baby, bee'bal, Kifci, honey'ness, balnn, Slowex, Uiif, black'bal, Platiner, re'milan, brawal, Premem, Pre'mem, Ora'bal, mastern'ess, honey'so, million'ess, baless, million'chi, balatan, balstreet, shorabil, Sabalan Honey, Mliel, Shexon, bank'chi, asal-bano & etc.

balexa™ THINKING... GLOBALLY. asal holding has helped to redefine the meaning of success in business management. balexa Mr'ASAL | The world's most real luxurious foods & Luxurious beauty products with real natural honey.

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